Reflex Growler Compound Bow Review

Reflex-Bows RidgelineBefore one launches into a review of a great product such as the Reflex Growler Compound Bow, it would be food for thought to look over the specs of the model. This particular model is considered to be the lightest of the lot weighing at only 4 lbs. The prospective owner of this model will find that it combines power, speed, stability and accuracy, all the traits that a hunter needs.

This Realtree shaded bow comes with 27″–30″ draw length. Brace height: 7-1/4″. Axle-to-axle length: 32″. IBO Speed: 303 fps. What more could you ask for? The kit generally consists of a 3-pin fiber-optic sight, 6-arrows, one quiver, a Whisker Biscuit®, a QS arrowrest and a Doinker® stabilizer.

Now in terms of usage, this bow has been around for a long time. It is found to be efficiently smooth, really quiet, super fast, and incredibly accurate. Try practicing with this bow at 15 yards to 400 yards and you will know what we are talking about. The Reflex Growler Compound Bow is great for hunting turkey, bowfishing and deer. The bow performs amazingly well no matter what arrows you use. In fact its performance is touted to be as good as any of the more expensive models in the same range. The fact that the Reflex Growler is made by Hoyt is an added advantage.

Another great thing about the Reflex Growler Bow, when you take it on the hunt is the comfort level you come to share with it. Users will tell you of how the Reflex made shooting a 10 point of a doe much smoother and more comfortable. Read more at for indepth details on it.

Buying a Reflex Growler compound bow?

If you are to compare the Hoyt bows like the Vectrix and the Vulcan, you will find that these are the same with the exception of the risers. It will also come to your attention that the cam speed will be a tad bit faster. The fact that the Reflex Growler is cheaper and draws just as smoothly would win over any avid hunter.

Hunters also find that this Reflex Bow is great for tree stand hunting and is very useful in tight sports. The great balance, the adjustable let-off and the smooth hold at 70 lbs ensures that you will nothing but the best marksman. The Reflex has catered to the burgeoning left handed archer club and you will find a wide selection of bows to choose from.

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