Best 8 Qrt Pressure Cooker

This review is for the best8 quartpressure cooker; compare and buy the Maximatic EPC-807 or Gowise Stainless-Steel Cooking Pot/ 6-In-1 pressure cookers for price and most cooking functions. Save time in the kitchen, eat more healthy meals, and manage your time and plan meals using the pressure cooker’s feature settings.  Features like delay cooking and the warming feature can be very useful when you are on a busy schedule. Using an electric pressure cooker is very simple; there isn’t a need to watch over food and the warming feature takes over once the food is done, allowing you to be more flexible with your time.

Maximatic EPC 807 Electric Pressure Cooker 8  Quart

If you don’t like spending a lot of time in the kitchen; you’ll love how pressure cookers cook food fast, reducing cook times by 50-70%. You can cook vegetables, meats, grains (rice), soup, stews, and much more. When foods are cooked under pressure, they retain their nutrients, and you can enjoy healthy meals more often.

The Maximatic EPC-807 electric pressure cooker has an 8 quart capacity and this is a very good size when cooking for a large family. It has a removable nonstick pot that can be cleaned easily with warm soapy water.

Read the following for more features:Preset Multi Cooking functions; Soup and Stew, Rice and Risotto, Meat and Chicken, Potatoes and Yams, and Beans and Grains

Manually set cooking time from 0-99 minutes


Delay cooking up to 9 hours

Keep food warm up to 12 hoursProduct Specifications

Dimensions:  15 inches length x 15.2 inches wide x 15 inches height

Weight:  Approximately 18 lbs.

The Gowise Stainless-Steel Cooking Pot/ 6-In-1  is an 8 quart pot. It is a pressure cooker, slow cooker, and rice cooker.  Read the following for the features for the GoWise:Cooking functions; brown and sauté, warmer, slow cooker, pressure cooker, cooks rice, meat/soup/stews, steamer

Includes stainless steel rack, rice spoon, and measuring cup

Stainless steel 8 quart potProduct Specifications

Weight:  Approximately 17 lbs.

Model:  GoWiseUSAGet further details and buy now on>>>How Did Customers Review theMaximatic EPC-807 and Gowise Stainless-Steel Cooking Pot/ 6-In-1 on Amazon

The Maximatic EPC-807 was reviewed by 51 customers on Amazon. It received 4.4 out of 5 stars, and six customers gave it a 1 or 2 star review. These low reviews were due to pressure cooker not working, customer could not understand the purpose and use of condensation cup, and manual did not come with purchase. The customers that gave 3 to 5 stars were very happy with cooking results, large pot capacity, easy cleanup, instruction manual with recipes, and that it cooks food fast.

The Gowise Stainless-Steel Cooking Pot/ 6-In-1 was reviewed by 163 customers. It received 4.3 out of 5 stars, and eighteen customers gave it a 1 or 2 star review. The 1 and 2 star reviews were due to unit stopped working, and poor instructions. The customers happy with their purchase were impressed  with cooking results, quick meals, and it being a stainless steel pot instead of a nonstick surface.

This concludes my review for the best8 quartpressure cooker for price and most cooking functions. The Gowise Stainless-Steel Cooking Pot/ 6-In-1 Pressure Cookers can be used as a slow cooker in addition to it being a pressure cooker.

Both pressure cookers have an 8 quart capacity, cooking times can be set manually up to 99 minutes, same maximum warm times, and basically the prices are almost the same. The Gowise Stainless-Steel Cooking Pot/ 6-In-1 has a slow cooker function, and it has a few more features than the Maximatic EPC 807.   However, the Maximatic is $14 dollars cheaper, so, if you don’t need a slow cooker it would be a good choice, visit here for cocotte minute.

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