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We sell in 5lb bags for low cost mixing and matching If its not in stock we ship it to your home – no shipping charge! Fire Glass Display Scroll Down to see Color Options Come see our fire glass on display.  We’ll help you find a color or a mix of colors that are perfect for your fireplace or fire pit. Use our display to experiment with mixing different color combinations! We sell fire glass in 5lb bags to minimize your expense and maximize the opportunity to mix colors. There are many  different ways to use fire glass in your fireplace.  It can be contained in a black or stainless fire pan, mounded or sloped with no pan visible.

How Much Glass Will You Need? Caution – on line calculators usually lead you to purchasing more glass than you actually need. You need one 1 pound bag of glass for every 16 square inches you want to cover at approximately 1 1/2″ to  2″ deep. Rectangle or Square Calculate how many square inches you need by multiplying the width by depth for a rectangle or square.  If its a fireplace the opening width will probably be wider than the back, so average the two widths and multiply by the depth.

For example; the front width is 36″ the back width is 30″, so the average width is 33″.  Multiply by the width of 33″ by the depth, say 22″ = 726 square inches. Divide 726 by 16 = 45 pounds.  You will need 9 bags of glass at 5 pounds per bag for a total of 45 pounds. CircleIf the space is a circle, determine the radius (half the diameter).  Square the radius (r x r) and multiply by 3.14 to determine the square inches.  For example the circle is 24″ round so the radius is 12″. Multiply 12 x 12 x 3.14 = 452 square inches.  Divide 452 by 16 = 28 pounds.  You will need 6 bags of glass at 5 pounds per bag or a total of 30 pounds, Pickmygasrange.com.

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