How to Get Free Slotomania Coins 2016 Slotomania

In this competitive world, technology plays a role in every person’s life, especially the younger generations. Slotomania is considered as one of the fastest growing social media applications.  But, how did it start? How to get tons of free slotomania coins 2016?  This article will discuss the origin of application and how to get more coins.


Slotomaniawas founded in 2010 where Playtika, its developer, offered unique multi-platform social games that were enjoyed by millions of users.  It was in the same year in October of 2010 when it was first introduced.  In its kind, it was the first in the world of social gaming and subsequently become one of the top grossing applications in social media.

Free slotomania coins 2016is a slot machine game.  New players accumulate experience points as they play.  New slot game and other features became available as players move up in level.  In general, large wins come around once every few hundred spins.

Spin win:

In order to obtain more free slotomania coins 2016, the following may be taken into consideration.  As of this writing, Turbo and Two White Wedges are brought back.  It is made even better with Golden Luck.  It is stated that every tenth player to play the Golden Spin will receive ten times their Golden Spin win.  One must collect Special Bonus two times faster.  One must get into the Mega two times faster.  In addition, one might win the White Wedge.  Not one, but two White Wedges on the Mega Bonus and Golden Spin.

Moreover, legitimately, other options in order to gain more coins are by logging into the game every four hours.  The games are progressive and the minimum come out of coins that one needed to play the games keep increasing.  There are many ways to win the coins in order to get more of it.  The first one is by getting free spins and bonuses from a friend.  It will be very limited.  The second one is to shell out ones hard earned cash.  At this time, it is about real money thing.

One will reach a level of the game where the slots were very interesting that one would want to keep going.  In the end, one run out of coins.  The game will ask you to buy more coins and keep playing, see this

Furthermore, in order to keep track of the game and to increase the chances of acquiring more coins and bonuses, you must have to level up.  Once levelled up, it is much easier and faster to earn extra spins and bonuses.  It is said that as the player went to a higher level, new more slots and features will be unlocked, thus allowing the player to use it to his/her advantage.  Likewise, one of the disadvantages of getting hooked to this addictive game is one may be tempted to use real money to buy coins or swipe their credit cards to acquire more coins.  Thus, it is important to always keep one oriented of the possible risks that this game will bring into your life.  Overall, Slotomania is an exciting game which bring thrill into the player.

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