Easy Guide to csgo boosting


Playing games online is an ever increasing trend. They want to boost the game but boosting is not an easy task in online games particularly for those who have not played it before. Once they started playing online games, they look for the best way that could take them up in that particular game. The better game skills would help the individual for better ranking. Boosting the rank is the hardest thing to done for particular games. One of such games is Counter Strike:Global Offensive and this is not an easy task. This article would cover the way of csgo accounts.

How to upgrade the profile rank in csgo boosting?

The first and foremost task of boosting is to upgrade the profile rank. For this, an individual has to win certain rounds to get the highest rank. Moreover, the XP an individual earn is his score in the entire game other than the competitive. An individual should keep in mind that a profile rank of at least 2 is required for playing in a competitive mode while a rank of 21 is required for playing in the Prime Account Matchmaking. There are many multipliers that add to the XP of an individual earning score and this is based on the previous week performance of an individual.

Competitive ranking system

The competitive ranking system is complex than the profile ranking system. This is entirely based on the Elo rating that is usually used by many complex online games. There are basically two known ways that could help in boosting Elo and hence helping in passing on a level. There is a wide range of different categories of ranks that are based on Elo scores and the factors that could help in boosting are MVP and round win/loss.

  • Round Win/Loss

The points that are lost in the particular round depend on the score in the previous round and hence, an individual with more score in the previous round would lose more points. Same is the case with the winning points.

  • MVP

An individual who is MVP is going to receive more score than the other players in the team.

Things that do not affect the points!

Following are the things that do not affect the score of an individual.

  • Assists, kills, and deaths.
  • Suicides and team kills.
  • Headshot
  • Time taken by each round.
  • Scoreboard position or score.
  • Knife kills, grenade kills, and stylish kills. 

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