The Way To Maintain Your Humidor

The objective of a humidor would be to maintain your cigars in optimum condition. In the event you keep your humidor at its optimum, but that is only feasible. Fortunately, that doesn’t have to be a complete time job. Quick and easy steps taken infrequently but regularly will do the trick. Heat manage is not the most crucial job, but it’s the one that is most often overlooked. Just the rarest humidor will contain its very own energy controls, though, so this stage is a must. Exceedingly low temperatures cause the tobacco to become dried out and fragile; too high temperature ranges let the growth of fungi, tobacco beetle larvae, as well as other harmful creatures. The easiest way to keep the humidors interior roughly around the ideal 68F/20C tag would be to keep the exterior close to that. Placing it in an air-conditioned space in summer time or keeping it away from heating units during the cold months is best. It is also best to avoid rapid, large temperature swings. So, resist the urge to place your humidor (or your cigars! ) in the refrigerator, even for a couple of moments (except in emergencies to destroy beetle larvae).


The theory that “if it helps to keep meals fresh, it will work for other agricultural items like tobacco” just isn’t real. The most important job, obviously, would be to maintain the proper humidity inside the enclosure. That is the fundamental purpose of the humidor, after all. By design, that is also not very difficult or time consuming. Cigar tobacco develops in exotic regions where the moisture is naturally extremely high, about 65%-75%. Since that is what the cigarettes plant tailored to, it is exactly what assists in keeping the leaf flexible and flavorful. A good humidor will NOT necessarily be hermetically closed, nevertheless. There is some exchange of air between the interior and outside. Also, when you open the lid, of course, atmosphere trade and therefore humidity modification occurs. When the moisture level is too low, the answer (in both sensory faculties of the term) is straightforward. For longer term maintenance, a 50/50 remedy of distilled drinking water and propylene glycol will up the level appropriately, Cigarri.


Propylene glycol each humidifies and soaks up extra moisture within your humidor, and it modifications the speed of water evaporation. It may absorb smells from your air. Additionally, it acts as a microbial and mold inhibitor. That actually works along with the Spanish language Cedar interior coating that also absorbs and releases dampness to keep the interior at the desired moisture. Once each and every 1-3 months depending on the room environment transforming the answer is normally only needed. Once the humidity degree begins to get too high (above 75% for over 24 hours) – as it can certainly if you do not open up the housing from time to time – it’s equally easy to fix. Just open up the cover and let the air moisture level reach the preferred 70Percent through natural evaporation. You can easily keep track of the success of your time and efforts as well as the humidor’s environment with a hygrometer, a product that measures family member moisture. They’re frequently included with the humidor you purchase. That’s a single requirement for choosing one, in the end. They’re easily available as an accessory if not. Analog hygrometers are good, but will only show humidity to a level of precision inside about 10%. A digital hygrometer is usually accurate to inside 2Percent or better. Having an precise gauge is no good, though, in the event you do not keep an eye on it.

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