CSR Classics- the most sought-after racing games in contemporary times

A drag-racing game that is free-to-play, CSR classics is developed by the collaboration of Boss Alien and Mad Atom. NATURALMOTION Games published this video game in 2013 and in today’s time, it is one of the most popular versions of video games.

A preface to the game

While playing this game, players need to take the role of a racer, exploring ways for making names for them. The background city in the game closely resembles Las Vegas. In this game, the imaginative background city gets ruled by 5 racing crews. The story revolves around a racer and the agent who are in the mission to prove the guilt of the antagonist Mr. BALADIN. This character has worked the way into the business.

What about the game play?

The single-player module of the CSR Classics game has been divided into 5 tiers.  Each tier gradually introduces faster vehicles and oppositions. Prior to challenge the Boss in a specific level, a player needs to beat the crew to the boss. For moving to the next tier, a player requires racing and beating the crew. Once the player manages to beat the boss for each level for 3 times, he/she requires facing the challenges from high-stakes rematches. In case the player emerges victorious, they get the car of the boss as a reward. But, if the player is unsuccessful in winning the race, they require returning the gold prize that they had won in the previous race.

Contrary to the conventional racing games, you will not find a steering in CSR Classis. Neither this game features acceleration or braking controls. Rater, the game concentrates on timing gear shifts and employs the nitrous upgrade, tapping the screen that closely resembles the orientation of the rhythm games.

Once a player arrives to purchase a car, they have the option to choose between loved and unloved cars. Unloved vehicles come without upgrade and players can purchase such vehicles using the mainstream game currency. On the other hand, for procuring the loved cars that feature arrays of an upgrade, buyers require investing in-game currency of higher valuation.  Players can even win such cars from Multiplayer as a prize as the outcome of building the car from the blocks and subsequently buying the Lover version at a concessional price.

The latest advancements

Since its release in 2013, the game underwent several changes and alteration. With each of the upgrade, few new attributes got added to the basic format making the game all the more sought-after. As for instance, now you can avail the CSR classics hack and csr classics cheats that will enhance the excitement of the game and hence, the gaming session will offer you more enjoyment and thrills.

Racing games are the most highly sought-after genre of video games and these games hold billions of fans across the world. CSR Classics has won the hearts of enthusiasts for its enticing game play and delightful design. No wonder, the popularity of the game is rising further with the passé of time.

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