3 Surprising Reasons for Not Getting Taller Anymore

Many short people are disappointed of the fact that they are not tall. Being shorter effects their confidence, they have to wear uncomfortable high heels and they are always struggling to get something from the top shelf just because they are not able to reach there. On the contrary, there are many perks of being taller. Taller people looks attractive and smart. They don’t have to wear heels and its always easy for them to find their friends or peers in the crowd.

Even research studies also have concluded that people with taller height may be able to get success in their career in comparison to their shorter friends.

There are multitude of reasons of why a person does not achieve his full height. These are divided into two factors for better understanding.

Genetic vs non-genetic factors

There can be genetic factors as well as non-genetic factors that determines the height development process of a person. Though, majorly the genetic factor is the prime reason which accounts for about 40% to 60% in determining height of an adult. These factors are further explained below.

Dependence upon Parents

Genetically, you depend upon your parents and grandparents for your height. If both of your parents are short, that increases the probability for you of being shorter. On the other hand, if both your parents are tall that increase the probability of you being taller. In the midst, if your father is tall and mother is short or vice versa, then it depends upon the dominant genes of your parents.

Though, there is no such rule to predict your height but on a general note there is a formula derived to predict the height of a person.

Formula for calculating predicted height

Sum of the heights of your parents, add 5 if you are a boy or subtract 5 if you are a girl) divided by 2

The figure that you get will be your approximate height, the closest that you can attain. However, by not any mean it is meant to be the exact figure.

Non-genetic factors effecting height

There are also some other factors named as non-genetic factors that impacts the growth and development of a person.

  • For e.g. if a mother smokes during the conceiving period, it can affect the growth of the fetal development. These factors acts as the determinants of your height in later age. A person who grows and develop in such an environment can get effected by the after effects of smoking and exposure to tobacco.


  • Another growth determinant can be low birth weight. Lower weight at the time of birth signifies that the fetus and organs havenot been developed properly so the fetus may face complications afterwards.


  • Another reason is any ailment to the infant or during childhood of a kid which can affect his height and development process in the long run. Such a person may not reach to full height in his adulthood due to the lack of medical awareness.

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