KEEP YOUR XBOX ONE COOLwith Xbox One Cooling Fan

Description of Air Cooler

Air cooler is the cooling device for Xbox one. At the underside of air cooler, there is a huge fan and upper side consists of a lock button and outward fan. The fan takes heat from the system and directs it out from the outward fan. It directs hot air away from the console reducing operating temperature. At the backside of an air cooler small USB cable is present that draws power from the console. The way Xbox one is designed, in regards to the fan, allows it to breathe much more as compared to others just because of air cooler.

How it Works

To install air cooler on Xbox one, system must be turned off and all the cables are supposed to be removed. Air cooler is aligned at the top of console and USB cable is attached with the console. After attaching the air cooler, power is turned on. Air starts coming out of the outer fan. The fan actually doesn’t work until the system is warm enough to let the fan direct air outside.

Reasons to Buy an Air Cooler for Xbox One

  • Xbox one was designed from the very beginning to dissipate heat better than any console before it. The Xbox one has a lot of empty space inside it that is why it’s so large. It has really good cooling solutions built in with vents on the sides and a massive vent on the top. Depending on situation, if you live in a really warm place then may be your stuff tends to get hotter. An air helps in this situation. It keeps your Xbox one cool.


  • Some people have their system placed in a position where heat is relatively close to the system and traps more heat than normal. Air cooler is the best option for this query as well.
  • Air cooler comes in the reasonable price so it can be easily afforded.
  • One of the major advantages of air cooler is that it doesn’t harm the system.
  • As it is easy to install, easy to use and easy on the eyes so it should be the first choice for Xbox one users as all these qualities are present in the air cooler which prevents the Xbox one from overheating.

Air cooler comes only in black colour for Xbox one. Again Xbox one should not overheat under normal circumstances so if it does overheat either the environment is not safe or the system is simply malfunctioning. Air cooler prevents these issues in the system. These qualities of cooling fan for Xbox one make it a device which is very advantageous for Xbox one.  So, air cooler for Xbox one should be the ultimate choice for Xbox one dealer.


Choice is yours.

Now you are aware of the different ways to purchase your Xbox one. Kindly make a good and wise choice as the money you are buying this Xbox one is earned with sheer hard work.

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