How to Expand Your City in SimCity BuildIn with SimCity BuildIt hacks

SimCity BuildIn is an online city-building simulation game. This is probably one of the best games in this category right now due to its unique features and fun playing game overall. ThereĀ can be many methods to follow to become a successful player in this game. But to progress quickly in this game, you should constantly think about expanding and improving your city. The other simple option would be to use Simcity Buildit Hack but it would one be a greedy way to progress and not by building it every step one at a time.Here are some of the points to know after which you would be able to expand your city to the greater heights.


Create More Storage

Whenever you purchase any item from the Global Trade HQ or collect some items created in the factories or commercial buildings, then they are collected in the inventory. This is the main City Storage area in this game. If you want free some space in the City storage, then the items should be used to build or upgrade, and even by selling and trading it could be done. There are some special items for the player which needs to be collected in order to increase the capacity of the City Storage. Without much resources to store one cannot progress quickly in this game.


Increasing the Space

If your city gets too congested than it becomes difficult to grow more population, that if why you need to create more space. The best way to expand the city is by increasing the city area. And by creating some entertainment, parks, monuments, and much more would make the Sims happy to liveĀ in your city. This type of activities will boost up your current population and expansion of your city will increase at much higher rate.


Remodeling the City

As you would know the land offered in the game is limited, so you can rearrange the city in whichever way you want. This would be great opportunity to replace your old factories with the new bigger more efficient ones. The service buildings can also be upgraded from the existing one. You can use the bulldoze tool to bring down residential zones, roads, and other buildings. This process will free up more space to create a better city.


Make It Look Slick

If you want your city to look awesome having huge skyscrapers finished with marble and some glass to make it shiny. This type of buildings will attract many wealthier Sims to enter your city. Eventually, growing your progress speed. This is possible only if you constantly upgrade your residential buildings.


Disaster Challenges

The disaster challenges are done through a special building called Vu Tower by the special Dr. Vu. This tower can be unlocked as you progress few levels in your game. What the Vu tower does is to create disastrous situations like earthquake, storm, etc. This would damage few of the residential zones, which will be then be converted into high-end buildings of your city after repairing them.



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