How To Maintain A Drone Properly?

If you have recently bought a drone or you are looking forward to enjoy flying drone as a hobby, then you must adopt habit of taking care of your drone as well as its parts. It is really significant to keep your drone neat and clean, free of grime, dust, and debris in order to make sure that it is all set to be in the air whenever you will set out again to fly it.

It must be well kept in mind that every drone is different from the other one and therefore each drone has its own requirements to ensure everything is going great. In this piece of writing we will be talking about several ways of having a well maintained drone.

What should be used to clean the drone?Build your own small tool kit for your drone. You need to have everything in the kit that you think will be needed to clean the drone properly. For instance, the kit mist have a soft and small cleaning brush,, isopropyl alcohol, canned air, 3 in 1 lubricant, and microfiber cloth.

Cleaning brush:This is known to be perfect to wipe away the debris and dust that might be there in the corners of the drone. Pipe cleaners may also be used.

Canned air:It is yet another great tool to keep the drone away from the dirt and dust as it reaches each and every spot of the drone. For instance, near the circuit boards or areas around the motors. It will not be damaging the electronics in any manner.

Isopropyl alcoholis known to be perfect to clean the shell of drone. It cleans off the grass stains, dirt, bug guts; almost everything. You need to ensure that you get 99% of the debris so that you do not come across any difficulty in the drone’s operations.

Microfiber cloth is used to clean the dirt and dust. If you can disassemble the parts of the quadcopter then you will be in perfect position to clean your drone in best possible manner.

3 in 1 lubricant is used to offer proper lubrication so that they can work properly.

General tips:Some of the general tips to ensure proper working of your drone are as follows:

Proper pre-flight checkup:Before you fly your drone, it is highly suggested to have your own preflight checklist. There are certain steps that you need to check for depending on the model and make of your drone. However there are some general tips to take care of before taking off your drone which are as follows:

  • Make sure that you are in an open and clear space where it is all safe to fly. Eliminate all the chances of any trouble that may come in way of your drone. Trouble may include cars, trees, buildings, animals and people etc.
  • See if your drone is functioning properly or not? Check the props properly and ensure that they are not damaged and last but not the least ensure that they spin freely.
  • Look for the toggle switches that are there on the controller. In short you need to make sure that everything is at its place working perfectly in every manner.
  • If you are a resident of US then you need to ensure that you have registered your drone in case it weighs more than 055 pounds. It should be done with FAA.

Fly with a fully charged battery:Almost all of the high quality drones are offered with a rechargeable lithium polymer and lithium ion battery and hence you need to take care of the batteries so that they do not come across any damage. It simply means to fly the drone with fully charged battery and if possible when you are done with flying, remove the batteries.

Clean and remove the props after every flight: Being a novice you will be crashing the drones often and therefore you need to make sure that you clean it properly. It will help the drone to withstand the wear and tear. If the dirt builds in the motors then gradually it will reduce the ability to work smoothly. Therefore, it is suggested to remove the props and give a proper spray of the canned air to all parts of the drone. In this way you will be getting your drone away from all kinds of dust particles or anything that would cause damage to your drone.

Give break to the motors:It is an agreed upon fact that once you start flying drone, you just cannot stop. But this should not be the case as even the machines need to have some rest. Therefore give proper break to the batteries of your drone. No doubt, they need a break every now and then or else they will be over heated. All this will ultimately cause deterioration. It also depends on the quality as well as size of your drone. In case you have spent your whole afternoon playing and flying the drone, then it is a must to give it appropriate rest before setting out for a flight at night.

No doubt drones are becoming common that can be flown easily, in a more reliable and stable manner and last but not the least safer in every possible manner. Following these above mentioned tips you will definitely be in a position to enjoy flying your drone for longer periods of time.

All these tips make common sense. It is actually easy to take care of these drones on day to day basis rather than cleaning them once in a blue moon. In short, treat your drone with care that it actually deserves.  Happy flying.

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