What Video Editing Software Do YouTuber’s Use


The honest answer is YouTube video creators are using a wide range of video editing software programs. They range from the free to the paid; the basic to the more advanced commercial types; so you would get a wide response if you were to take a survey. Personally, I use Corel Video Studio to make my videos. And it’s not for any specific reason that I use Corel. It’s simply because it’s the one I had in the drawer when I decided it was time to start creating videos to promote my websites. I didn’t create any of that fancy, bells and whistles type of Video solutions. I kept it basic and now that I think about it, I probably would have been fine with a free basic program like Windows Movie Maker. I’m guessing the problem would come when I wanted to take it to the next level and unleash the Spielberg in me.

I don’t have anything against free video editing programs by the way. Thousands of YouTuber’s use them to create good videos. I’d use one too. But, if you are serious about creating professional videos with stunning effects and clips, then I’d say invest in a high-end product like CyberLink Power Director. And prices have come down recently too. For a decent video editing software program that includes at least 100 transitions, 40 tracks, 100 effects, you should spend about £59.99. That price will ensure you get an easy-to-use, powerful video editing program that provides professional-level results.

For your YouTube video production projects, I recommend the following video editor:

CyberLink Power Director

CyberLink Power Director has been rated as the best video editing software. That’s not surprising considering all the features and tools packed in this program. It enables you to easily trim video clips. And you can also add audio and still images. Another impressive tool is the ability to string your movies together complete with transitions, effects and a lot more. If you need a little help using CyberLink, you can connect with thousands of other users in their strong online community and share techniques with others to produce quality films. Beware though! The amount of resources your PC has will determine how well the software works. You may experience crashes if you don’t have a lot of resources and are using lots of files and have many transitions and effects.

Corel Video Studio Pro

Second in our list of top video editing software packages is Corel Video Studio Pro. This outstanding product helps you to create stunning 3D movies. It allows you to insert text, add effects like time lapse and adjust the volume on all your video clips.This program is brimming with tools and it supports many file formats for importing and exporting. So creating professional movies with Corel Video Studio will be easy.But Corel lacks a user forum that many video editors find useful for help and support. Overall though, it’s an excellent video editing software program and we definitely recommend it for creating YouTube videos.


There are dozens of other products to choose, both paid and free, but the products we’ve listed above feature prominently in reviews and ratings. It’s unlikely that you’d be disappointed with the quality of work you produce with these video editing programs. And that’s because they carry the best features and tools.

Finding Volumizing Mascara Product for Sensitive Eyes Product


A lot of women would not go out without having first wearing the several levels of mascara. We want our eyelashes from their fullest, greatest as well as darkest. We would really like these to stick out and then for people to see just how beautiful our eyes are. Mascara is the fastest as well as simplest method to obtain noticeable outcomes without wasting effort and time or money. Nevertheless, there are people which think it is hard to place on best volumizing mascara using the sensitive eyes. Several mascara contain of things that irritate our personal eyes, leading in order to burning and discomfort.  Rubbing itchy eyes which may be reacting into mascara is not a method to get noticed. And so the better solution is merely not wear mascara whatsoever.

Certainly not with the cosmetics industry, the manufacturers associated with best volumizing mascara. Know regarding the problems and also have created types of mascara for delicate eyes. We do not really must travel abroad with invisible eyelashes. You too may display long, heavier and dark eyelashes. What exactly ought to look associate with when choosing best volumizing mascara with regard to sensitive eyes?

  1. One move to make is usually ensured that you use a dependable brand. We would like to make certain that they are using high quality components. A well know manufacturer wouldn’t want to danger its popularity by utilizing cheap components as well as risking disappointed clients.
  2. Search for mascaras which contain fewer components. Having a couple of components can lower your chance of getting allergic or getting a worsening from one of these. The more natural the greater is the effectiveness.
  3. Even though organic is usually used for foods, you might discover some best fiber mascara which have natural and organic ingredients. Even when the mascara is not really organic, it is actually nice to discover that the most of the ingredients are generally more natural and could become safer for those eyes.
  4. Vary from an oil-based mascara right into a water based mascara. It may be the oil that is irritating your personal eyes and through easily changing towards the water based may remove your awareness problems.
  5. Simply make use of the volumizing mascara about the tips of your own lashes. It can become the mascara that you are having a response. The truth is actually that mascara might be sticky for a bit after we use it to your eyelashes. Allergens in the environment could adhere towards the mascara and next be on your eyes all day long resulting in discomfort and burning. 6. Study testimonials. You aren’t the only person having issues using volumizing mascara due to sensitivity. And so uncover which products have the best testimonials from users who’re using mascara with regard to sensitive eyes.

Choose only the best volumizing mascara to make certain that your eyes are safe and that away from any unwanted effect that may happen to your eyes; therefore it is important that you choose quality products when regards to mascara.

Health Tips and Kettlebell Exercises


One of the most practical and easiest exercise programs today is Kettlebell exercises. In fact, men and women can greatly benefit from this exercise because it has all the types of workouts needed whether you are an amateur or a professional athlete. Aside from the exercise routines, you will also benefit from its diet tips. These are just some of the good things about Kettlebell exercises. Kettlebell exercises are known because of its relative fun and enormous benefits. For instance, women in particular will enjoy the ball-shaped iron weights. These iron weights come in all sizes and colors which will surely attract women in general. Furthermore, you can also customize your workout by combining certain exercise routines such as strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular exercises. These routines are proven to help you tone your whole body. More than that, you will be strongly motivated once you can see the results in your body after you engage in this exercise routine. You will feel that your legs, lower backs, and shoulders are more powerful and strong. No need to spend ample time for a heavy workout. All you need is a simple routine then it will surely minimize body discomforts and muscular pain, Plexus slim.

What is important is that you start with a lighter weight in the beginning. Do not use a heavy iron weight immediately because you will have a hard time performing the routine. Kettlebell exercises, if performed properly, can easily help you develop muscle coordination. Plus, you can also develop more strength and a healthier body. Lifestyle plays a big role in improving your overall health. That is why you should start eating the right kinds of food and engage in a regular physical workout. Kettlebell exercises allow you to do these things even if you have a very busy schedule. Once you have set your routine, your body’s metabolism will slowly improve. You can gain self-confidence once you see the results in your body. There are many people who feel grateful because they are able to lose body fats due to Kettlebell exercises. If you want to experience this, you should use Kettlebell workouts and learn more heath tips in order to flatten you tummy and tone your legs.


Reflex Growler Compound Bow Review

Reflex-Bows RidgelineBefore one launches into a review of a great product such as the Reflex Growler Compound Bow, it would be food for thought to look over the specs of the model. This particular model is considered to be the lightest of the lot weighing at only 4 lbs. The prospective owner of this model will find that it combines power, speed, stability and accuracy, all the traits that a hunter needs.

This Realtree shaded bow comes with 27″–30″ draw length. Brace height: 7-1/4″. Axle-to-axle length: 32″. IBO Speed: 303 fps. What more could you ask for? The kit generally consists of a 3-pin fiber-optic sight, 6-arrows, one quiver, a Whisker Biscuit®, a QS arrowrest and a Doinker® stabilizer.

Now in terms of usage, this bow has been around for a long time. It is found to be efficiently smooth, really quiet, super fast, and incredibly accurate. Try practicing with this bow at 15 yards to 400 yards and you will know what we are talking about. The Reflex Growler Compound Bow is great for hunting turkey, bowfishing and deer. The bow performs amazingly well no matter what arrows you use. In fact its performance is touted to be as good as any of the more expensive models in the same range. The fact that the Reflex Growler is made by Hoyt is an added advantage.

Another great thing about the Reflex Growler Bow, when you take it on the hunt is the comfort level you come to share with it. Users will tell you of how the Reflex made shooting a 10 point of a doe much smoother and more comfortable. Read more at BowandArrowPros.com for indepth details on it.

Buying a Reflex Growler compound bow?

If you are to compare the Hoyt bows like the Vectrix and the Vulcan, you will find that these are the same with the exception of the risers. It will also come to your attention that the cam speed will be a tad bit faster. The fact that the Reflex Growler is cheaper and draws just as smoothly would win over any avid hunter.

Hunters also find that this Reflex Bow is great for tree stand hunting and is very useful in tight sports. The great balance, the adjustable let-off and the smooth hold at 70 lbs ensures that you will nothing but the best marksman. The Reflex has catered to the burgeoning left handed archer club and you will find a wide selection of bows to choose from.

Telescope Peak Death Valley National Park

I left Las Vegas at 4:30 AM hoping to arrive at the trail head around 7:30 AM. Everything went smoothly until at Death Valley Junction near the Amargosa Opera House Amargosa Opera House  I ran into a roadblock. Take a look at the first couple of pictures at outdoorfiend.com. Apparently a couple of weeks earlier there had been some major flash floods through the area completely washing out miles of roads leading into the park from the south and south east. When I called my wife and asked her to guess what was the least likely reason I might not make the hike she correctly guessed, “a flood”.

death-valley-signWell, since I had been stymied before with this hike when I attempted to hike it in mid-February and couldn’t even make it to the trail head because of snow I wasn’t about to be turned around so easily. After consulting my own map and the map posted on the road block I decided to continue up the highway and pick up Rt. 95 and continue to Beatty, NV and then into the park from the east. On the way in, I passed the ghost town of Rhyolite, which I had visited probably 10 years before. If you have not been there and are in the area, it is certainly worth an hour or so of your time, Rhyolite. After the detour, I continued into the park and connected with Rt. 190. There was quite a bit of wind and a lot of dust in the valley of the park as you can see by the next couple of pictures in the photo gallery.

Do not forget to pay the user fee if you do not have a National Parks Pass at the self-service kiosk as you enter the park. If you want to support the National Parks system, buy a yearly pass on line at, Parks Pass.

I continued past Stovepipe Wells for 8 miles and made a left onto Emigrant Canyon Road.  Follow this road for about 21 miles and make another left onto Wildrose Canyon Road. Be careful of Emigrant Canyon Road. It is very narrow in places and other drivers might not be as careful as you are coming around corners. Follow Wildrose Canyon Road for about 8 miles to the Charcoal Kilns. The road is paved until the last couple of miles but anyone in any type of car will have no problem making it. Just slow down when you get on the dirt/rock part. Use this link for a park map, Death Valley map.The road from the Charcoal Kilns up to the trail head at the Mahogany Flat campground is very steep and very rough. I have read other trip reports where it has been written that you can get there in a normal sedan but I would not recommend it. I made it in a Chrysler Pacifica because the rental car company was out of four-wheel drive vehicles. Even with the increased clearance that the Pacifica has from a normal sedan I had to go very slow and still scrapped bottom a couple of times. The road to the trail head is another couple of miles and I finally began my hiking journey at 8:40 AM.

I did the hike in 5 ½ hours. While it was not an easy hike, it certainly is well within the capabilities of most people that are reasonably fit. Just take your time, get started early, bring enough food and water and be careful on those sections of trail that are a bit dicey. In addition, most importantly, if you are hiking alone as I usually do, make sure that someone is going to miss you if you do not call them. I certainly enjoy the solitude and peace of hiking alone but I would not enjoy a broken leg and no one missing me.

After doing this you will be rewarded with an experience and view that more than likely 99% of the people you know have never and will never see. Not because they cannot but just because they did not just do it. Once you are there, you will realize the treasure they are missing.

What iOS 6 Tells Us About The Next iPhone 5


Apple’s WWDC might not have resulted in an iPhone announcement, but it supplied the following finest thing: a comprehensive look at iOS6.

It does not come out until the autumn, and will only work on the iPhone 3GS and styles after that, but a lot of iOS6 functions will certainly be welcomed by any iPhone owner.

New versions of mobile software application (be it iOS or Android) can frequently be as feature-packed and interesting as brand-new phone designs, and frequently kick a whole lot of brand-new value down to older hardware.

The question is, can we look into the brand-new features of iOS6 to peer upstream at exactly what Apple’s next iPhone might be like? I’ll try. Here are my finest guesses.

If you’re harboring any type of doubts about bad blood bubbling between Apple and Google, Cupertino’s iOS headman Scott Forstall banished them on Monday when introducing the next version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS6.

“They released a dairy product, 4.0, about the same time that we released iOS 5,” Macworld quotes * Forstall as stating during his keynote presentation at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco as he introduced a slide showing Android’s fragmentation and old-version persistence versus Apple’s iOS 5 predominance.

Apple has actually finally consisted of Facebook integration in iOS6. When it shows up, iOS gadget individuals will be able to fire off condition updates, share pictures, and share links directly from within additional iOS applications.Siri: While Apple ceased short of calling the brand-new Siri a 1.0 complete release, however the personal assistant gains appreciable powers.

That means if you’re sitting at your table, you can easily grab your iPhone and ask Siri to open the songs player, and she will. The included number of applications with which Siri can easily interact is a serious enhancement.Eyes Free: An intriguing attribute added to iOS is Eyes Free. Together with a dozen auto makers, Apple is wanting to add a dedicated “Siri” button in cars.

This will definitely let iOS device managers access Siri and their iPhone when driving without taking their eyes off the road. Nervous about Microsoft’s Sync a great deal, Apple?Passbook: The feature no one requested. Passbook collects products such as movie tickets, train tickets, airline tickets, sporting event tickets and makes them all readily available digitally in one application– complete with QRCodes and 2-D barcodes.

With Passbook, you can buy applications through Fandango, have them delivered to your iPhone, and then get accessibility to the theaters by flashing your iPhone to the ticket counter. Neat.Apple Maps: Apple formally dumped Google Maps in iOS 6. According to exactly what Apple announced, the brand-new mapping tool for iOS gadgets delivers turn-by-turn navigation, points-of-interest searching, combination with Siri for commands, and the capability to submit unidentified traffic/incident reports.

It consists of a flyover/3-D method that provides amazing information of U.S. cities, too. It looked outstanding in the demos, however it continues to be to be seen if it can easily be a real Google Maps awesome.FaceTime Over Cellular:. After 2 years of FaceTime, Apple has finally made it accessible over 3G cellular links. Since launch it has only worked over Wi-Fi, which was a major restriction. Now that it will certainly be accessible over 3G, you can anticipate FaceTime’s utilization to increase significantly.

FaceTime will definitely additionally incorporate an individual’s phone number and Apple ID, enabling them to respond to either their phone or their FaceTime application on their phone or Mac.Safari: Apple has actually copied some of its rivals with some much-needed upgrades attributes for Safari. Is the capability to sync open tabs from Safari on a pc to Safari on an iOS tool via iCloud.

Apple didn’t spend too much time on the brand-new e-mail for iOS application, but showed off 2 much-needed enhancements. IOS machine individuals will be able to designate VIP e-mail senders. In previous variations of iOS, if you desired to include a photo, video presentation, or additional file, you had to do so directly from the photo application, Source.


Where Dreams Come To Life

When you’re drawing up your budgetary plans for your wedding, you might be tempted to skimp on what you spend on your videographer. After all, you figure, couldn’t uncle Bob do it? After all, he’s got a reputation as quite the videographer in the family and he’s certainly bored everyone to death talking about movie making and how good his recording equipment is! Well, heres some news. You really do need to find a professional wedding videographer. Let’s look at the reasons why. The reason most of us believe that making good movies is an easy thing thing is that today’s digital cameras are perfectly capable of taking first-class professional-quality footage under certain favorable conditions. This never used to be the way when everyone was restricted to an old 8mm cine cameras or super 8 video.

However, the problem is that at a wedding, the lighting is always far from perfect. There is the lighting in the church to think about, there is (hopefully) sunlight, there are candles, there are bright, white garments and there are all the shadows of the interiors of the church. Unfortunately,  even the best-equipped digital video cameras can’t do a whole lot in these circumstances without an expert videographer at the controls. Of course you don’t have to find a wedding videographer if uncle Bob knows all about lighting and knows when the perfect shot is about to happen because of his vast experience but, let’s face it.  That usually isn’t the case. A professional wedding videographer needs to be part of the scenery – in other words he (or she!) needs to be unobtrusive. That’s how the videographer can manage to capture great shots as and when they happen.

To find a wedding videographer who’s truly professional, you need someone who already has a portfolio. That’s how you get to know what kind of style they have. These days, just relying on a friend’s recommendation simply will not do. Why? Well, because people happen to have different tastes ranging from traditional to the ultra-contemporary. Most pro wedding videographers will offer you a choice of different packages. Each package will include a different kind of setup for the bride’s family and the groom’s family, close in shots for some of the more important relatives, and a few outdoor shots at the wedding venue and the reception and so on. Be sure to make a note of what each videographer you come across charges for the kind of package you need, and make sure that your package includes the raw and processed digital files – preferably via a cloud-based internet service. For more information www.crystalitie.com